JUNTAI is a plastic and mold factory with sufficient experience. It has been cooperating with us since 16 years. We are a power adapter and sales company. During our cooperation, JUNTAI can supply stably and continuously, and the plastic products it supplies. The quality is stable. When we encounter assembly problems, we take the initiative to help us change the product structure and mold. The response is very fast. The product price is much lower than other suppliers under the same quality. It is a supplier that can continue to cooperate.

For the price, JUNTAI is indeed more than double the cost of my original trader, and the quality is the same as my original, and the delivery time is faster, I hope it can always be maintained

Jane Woe - Procurement Manager

JUNTAI is a company that responds very quickly. I am fortunate to have been to their factory. The reception is very harmonious, especially Molly, who is very warm to us. The factory site is also very large. I believe our cooperation can become more and more harmonious.

William Woe - CEO

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Jane Woe - Job Title

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William Woe - CEO ThemeForest

I purchased a batch of 800 JUNTAI electronic kitchen scales. The precision is very accurate. The product quality and price are very advantageous. Molly is also very enthusiastic to provide us with the relevant pictures of the products and help us to put them on the Amazon platform. Sales and after-sales are guaranteed and will continue to cooperate.

Robert Roe - Amazon Entrepreneur

We have been cooperating with JUNTAI for 2 years, and the cooperation with them is also very harmonious. The shipments we receive basically do not see defective products, and they can provide us with SGS reports and ROSH reports of materials, so that our The quality of the products is guaranteed, and Danny technology is also very attentive to our products, helping us to improve the structure and facilitate the assembly of the products.

Jane Doe - Designer
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