Equipment chassis shell panel custom mold


Product Content: Customized mold for equipment chassis shell panel; one out of one cavity; Specification: 35*25*32CM; 420KG Product material and color: ABS, black, glossy surface; Minimum order quantity: 1500PCS, delivery time is 6 days; Mold opening cycle: 32 days; Mold material: mold core S136 heat treatment hardening, mold frame LMK45 steel; Warranty: During the plastic production in our company, the mold free storage, maintenance, warranty, free mold change (except for large action structure change); For molds not produced by our company, appropriate cost will be charged.

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  1. Information required for quotation

    1. Graphics (please provide 3D graphics, ignore if provided)
    2. Material (whether there are other requirements, such as high-gloss material, V0 fireproof material)
    3. Colors
    4. Appearance (e.g., smooth surfaces, fire patterns, fine lines, etc.)
    5. Estimated order quantity of products (monthly production)
    6. Product packaging and delivery requirements

    1. Molding point (low unit price for porous products, but slightly higher mold price)
    2. Mold material requirements

    Quote customer information:
    1. Company name, contact person and contact number

    Leave a message (we will reply within 24h)*
  2. Molding and Plastic Production Processes

    Open mold process:
    →1. Customers provide drawings and detailed information (STP format is required) or provide physical products (we provide product reproduction services after customers confirm the contract and make payment, complex products need to be charged separately)
    →2. Our company makes an evaluation offer
    →3. Confirmation of offer
    →4. The customer signs the contract and we receive the first payment for the mold (50% deposit).
    →Our engineering department will provide technical support and consult with you to optimize and improve the structure of the product diagram.
    →After both parties confirm that the drawings are correct, we will provide a prototype (3D printing) for confirmation.
    →7. Client confirms that there are no errors (if changes are needed, please submit them in a timely manner)
    →8. We start to receive materials and design the mold structure.
    →9. Mold start processing T0 (expected 10-45 days, mold opening cycle time is determined by product structure and number of mold openings)
    →10. Initial review of T1 begun and amendments proposed
    →11. Second trial T2 and receipt of client's signature confirmation, otherwise continue Tn
    →12. The customer signs back the sample and pays the balance of the mold (50%).
    →13. Started small batch production (100-1000 PCS) based on return signature templates.
    →14. Confirmation of small quantities is correct, start mass production (2-30 days) on order (MOQ), deposit required (30%-50%)
    →15. Upon completion of shipment, notify the customer to inspect the goods and pay the balance of the payment
    →We will deliver the goods according to the transportation method chosen by the customer and continue to follow up until the customer receives the goods and confirms that the delivery is OK.

  3. Cycle time and transportation

    Sample mold opening cycle: 5-15 days (according to the product structure cycle varies)

    Mass production plastic molding cycle: 20-45 days (according to the product structure cycle varies)

    Hardware mold opening cycle: 7-25 days (according to the product structure cycle varies)

    Injection molding production cycle: 3-10 days (depending on the product structure cycle varies)

    Cycle time for oil spraying, screen printing, laser engraving and other surface processing: 2-10 days (according to the size of the order cycle varies)

    Shipping cycle: plastic products next day to the Pearl River Delta, other regions 2-3 days, metal products need to contact customer service.

  4. payment method

    Mould: prepaid deposit 50%, full payment one week after the product is confirmed ok;

    Products and payment: cash settlement, monthly settlement

    Need to contact customer service or message for quotation


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