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Dongguan Chuangyi is a plastic mold and injection molding production factory located in Dongguan, China, the factory has been established for 16 years. With 20 years experience in design and development team, we have our own mold making department and injection molding production workshop. Our main products are high quality plastic shells (charger, router, earphone shells, etc.), knuckle precision parts, hardware products, and so on. Our main advantage is to provide plastic mold and injection production solution and implementation according to customer's requirements, cost-effective and stable quality.

Our Services

We have the expertise and quality service

  1. Customized Plastic Products

    The factory has 16 sets of plastic products production equipments (including 16 sets of injection molding machines and 10 sets of semi-automatic equipments); our main products are high quality plastic shells (chargers, routers, etc.), precision plastic parts, hardware products, etc. Our main advantages are high production efficiency, quality commitment, and controllable cost.

  2. Tooling customization and hardware production

    We have 15 sets of mold processing equipment (CNC machining center; grinding machine; milling machine; drilling machine; polishing machine; spark machine; laser engraving machine; lathe), we rely on adequate equipment and complete staffing (all have more than 15 years of experience in the master), our advantage is to ensure that the molds and hardware according to the agreed upon time to complete the quality of molds and hardware, and the production of molds in the factory during the free warranty and free to change the mold (in addition to the big action) .

  3. Logo customization

    We have a complete set of suppliers who can provide processing such as product oiling, plating, silk-screen printing and laser engraving. We also assist with other processing services (circuit board development, casting, hardware stamping, etc.) according to customer needs.

  4. assembly process

    We have 5 assembly lines and can provide assembly service according to customer's product requirements.

Factory Details

Dongguan Shijie Chuangyi Mould Products Factory was established in August 2006, is a professional engaged in the production of plastic products, plastic mold development, plastic injection processing, spraying oil silk screen one-stop service technology integrated factories, factories are located in Dongguan Huancheng East Road and the Pearl River Delta Loop Highway Shijie section exit.

The factory can provide customers with product copying, mold design, template production, mold manufacturing, injection molding processing, oil spraying screen printing, laser engraving and polishing, product assembly and other processing. The injection molding material involves general-purpose plastics, food-grade plastics and engineering plastics such as fireproof, high temperature, fiber-added, etc., and can be customized to meet the customer's hardware and plastic overmolding.

Our product series are: cell phone shell, charger shell, socket hardware overmolding, automobile and motorcycle power plug, car communication, electronic plastic accessories, wireless headset shell, camera shell, and so on.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best manufacturing and production solutions to meet their complex needs in the shortest possible time.

The company has a variety of high-quality machinery and equipment, including 16 sets of 35-200-ton vertical and bedroom injection molding equipment, 14 sets of semi-automatic manipulators, 5 sets of automated material belts, 15 sets of grinding machines, spark machines, CNC production centers and other mold manufacturing equipment, and 12 sets of other measuring instruments, such as quadratic imager, digital depth gauge and so on.

Our Team

Our Team

Ms. Zhang
Head of Operations
Engaged in the plastics industry in 2012, with a wealth of enthusiasm and experience, better able to solve business problems for you
Mr. Zhang
Head of Engineering
He has been working in the plastics and mold industry since 1998. He has many years of design experience and is responsible for the technical direction of the plant.
Miss Yang
Procurement Manager
Started to work in material procurement in 2012, responsible for the overall material status of the company.
Ms. Lam
Quality Supervisor
Responsible for the overall production quality control of the factory, and quality exception handling.
4280Cumulative development of molds (sets)
534Cumulative material use (tons)
865000Cumulative exports (sets)
368Cumulative Major Customers

Factory History

June 2002

The earliest established in Dongguan City, Dongguan City, Shijie Town, a mold repair store, specializing in the development of plastic molds, and specializing in precision plastic parts and hardware wrapped in plastic mold class.

August 2006

In order to combine with the market demand, we expanded and purchased mold processing equipment and started to develop mold manufacturing for plastic shell type molds and other mold products, and changed our name to Chuangyi Mold Repair Department.

June 2009

In order to meet the needs of our customers, we began to add new injection molding equipment and started to produce plastic products and related products.

March 2012

The factory was relocated and expanded, and 30 sets of injection molding equipment and mold processing equipment were added, as well as the construction of related environmental protection facilities.

May 2015

In order to meet the different needs of our customers, we have begun to seek cooperation in various supply chains (product surface treatment, hardware fit, product assembly, etc.) and gradually shifted to a one-stop sourcing layout to continuously improve customer experience.

March 2020

Renewal of production equipment and elimination of some time-expired equipment to improve product quality and service quality.


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